How to Use iPhone 7

How to Use iPhone 7


Setting Initial Setup iPhone 7

The initial step in this phase is to first turn on the phone iphone 7 and then perform the initial setup.

  • Once the iPhone is on and activated by pressing the power button that is on the right side near the thumb position, you will see a popup display “Home” or Warm Welcome from Apple
  •  Swipe from left to right to start the process of setting up the next will turn up. 
  • Furthermore, will appear in the language selection screen settings of your iphone. Choose a suitable language and you want to use. This will set the default language as a whole. 
  • The next phase, you will be prompted to select from a list of countries and regions listed. 
  • You are also prompted to select a network Wifi (Wireless) is available near your location is located. 
  • Then select the wifi network, and enter your Wifi password.
    Why need Wifi? Because Apple recommends that you regularly update the latest iOS operating system as well as a way to store your personal information and is used to download a variety of applications in the Apple Store (AppStore) when it has registered apple id. 
  • Then select “Enable Location Services” if you want to enable Location Services on your iPhone device. Service Location Service will be helpful if your iPhone is lost or difficult to search for and find it, then the GPS will send data on the location of your iPhone in the feature “Find My Phone“. 

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